Legend Heroes Sports

This is where their imaginations will soar! Children can play and learn at different areas, from modern digital platforms to a conventional playground. The Junior Zone offers an inspiring environment for kids to discover, all while spending quality time with family.


  • A play experience space where children can play happily with jumping, rolling, climbing, and descending full of colourful patterns
  • An indoor playground filled with a variety of hands-on facilities such as a children's favourite cloud ladder, a cave tunnel that can be tucked away in the head, and a large slide


  • Content that builds the city by placing blocks on the table
  • When a block with various colours and shapes is placed on the table, the sensor camera detects it and generates a construction item
  • Many children can enjoy together and be caused interest with the interactive production by the blocks on the table


  • The interactive content that responds to the children’s silhouettes, when the various shaped blocks fall from the sky
  • It is reacted to various motions, as grabbing and bouncing the blocks


  • Content that rescues baby dinosaurs dragged by aliens by touching the screen
  • Raising the baby dinosaurs to mother and father dinosaurs
  • Appealing to the children with game effects, when they touch all dinosaurs, trees, grass, and bubbles


  • A peaceful natural background with soft pastel colours that children can feel comfortable with and children's favourite animal characters
  • Stimulating children's curiosity with the momentary movement of animal characters in a stationary background
  • Content that causes interest and make fun that the animal character follow the movements of the child


  • Content that provides children with a dynamic response of fish, which is produced by touch sensors.
  • By showing and experiencing the mysterious reactions of various fishes, such as sharks and dolphins, which can not be found in common
  • Provision of the intimate behaviours of animals in the ocean and various events to children by touching the screen


  • Conceptual interactive content running with animal friends on the farms
  • Whenever animals run away from their children, they are interesting and fun with funny effects and sounds of familiar animals, when they encounter each other
  • Multiple people can play together

Lighting Space

  • A dark room where you can freely bounce and play an illuminated circle.
  • Welcome to an another-worldly space for all!

Star Bridge

  • Fantastic passage interaction content that connects play ground and lighting space.
  • Mysterious stars embellish their legs, and every time a child passes by, a star-like effect is blown around the child.

Play Ground

  • A fun play zone with Beanbag, Cylinder, Ball Pool, Slide, Jungle Gym and Panel Turn! These will make your time fly.