Legend Heroes Sports

Calling everyone, from sports enthusiasts to active families who want to try something new! The Sports Zone is where you can learn, practice and hone your skills against digital opponents from a range of different sports. Choose from Football, Baseball where you can pitch & hit, Archery, and Clay Pidgeon Shooting along other physically-oriented video games for a brand-new experience.


  • Using High-end vision sensor to track the accurate ball location
  • Mind game is available with choosing pitching arsenal in the kiosk
  • Providing 5 difficulties, ladies, rookie, amateur, professional, and major league level for starters to experts
  • Providing realistic game environment through the implementation of KBO licensed as the stadium and uniforms


  • Using High-end vision sensor to track the accurate ball location and velocity
  • Inspiring the user competitive spirit through the accuracy and power(velocity) points of each pitch
  • The pitching game, providing various entertainment, for single or multiple players


  • Advanced vision sensor maximizes realism through game simulation by accurately reading the ball
  • Providing realistic game environment through the implementation of KBO licensed as the stadium and uniforms
  • Improved game immersion through announcer relaying messages suitable for the player’s batting


  • Demonstrate the spectacular shooting and sound effects for reality and immersion
  • A penalty kick mode that requires accurate and intense kicking so that the goalkeeper can not stop, and a free kick mode that uses the power and skill to avoid defenders.
  • Using proprietary sensor technology, realistic ball moves like a player’s ball passes through the screen


  • Providing screen archery game for players, who cannot play archery easily, with splendid game effects
  • Using rubber arrowhead for safety
  • Providing 2 game modes, single mode for the best records, and competition mode to compete against each other


  • Through a simulator that realistically applies the movement of actual horses such as walking, running, and jumping, you can experience the actual riding effect
  • Variety of game mode such as riding mode and competitiveracing mode to provide variety of experiences for users


  • Providing attractive opportunity to play screen curling which is hardly get to play actual curling
  • Using the sensor to recognize the curling movement, from throwing the stone to sweeping
  • Variety of game mode such as classic, arcade, and single mode for interest


  • Various effects are produced on the lane floor in real time along the bowling ball, giving the fun different from the existing bowling
  • Despite the short lane length, it provides a realistic experience of playing in a real bowling alley with precise simulation


  • The goal is to earn a lot of points within the time limit
  • The game modes are divided into the competitive and cooperative mode
  • The competitive is the mode that playing real table tennis and arcade game in the same time
  • The players should play together to approach the goal in the cooperative mode


  • Experience realistic sea fishing experience on the screen by realizing the taste of the hand and biting
  • The realisation of the movement of fishes with the motors
  • Maximize the sense of realism through the background and realistic expression of the sea water


  • Providing play extreme skiing experience, hardly to reach in real due to high risk
  • To stimulate player’s competitiveness, the game is being played with the NPCs
  • Realising acrobatic jump skills, when the player input the command, to serve the exciting views and prevent boredom


  • Provision of a diverse game modes to increase the interest of squash
  • To inspire competition, providing 2 game modes as 2-players mode and raid mode
  • Content that can be responsible for the fun, as well as stress relief and user health


  • Screen billiard system that camera and sensor recognize ball position and analyse score route for beginners
  • To enjoy the content for everyone, providing visual guidelines for score on the table