Legend Heroes VR

Take gaming to the next level! At the VR Zone, our Virtual Reality simulation machines will shift you from reality to any virtual world of your choice within seconds. Different adventures await you: all you have to do is choose, from walking attractions to ride-on machines.

Flying Jet

  • Flying Jet is a compact, single-rider Virtual Reality attraction that offers an optimized flying experience. Exciting drops and tilting motions are yours to experience!

Gyro 360°

  • GYRO 360° Virtual Reality simulates the movement of a 3-axis gyroscope – a mounted device that is able to spin freely about an axis, providing 360 degrees of freedom and thrills.
  • Roll, pitch, and yaw with perfectly-optimized speed for ride with an adrenaline rush like no other.


  • Enjoy the exhilarating experience of racecar driving with Raceroom AMG! Raceroom Racing Experience is a world-leading, free-to-play motorsport game offering international races like ADAC GT Masters, DTM, and WTCC. Pick and choose from legendary race cars to world-renowned racing circuits.
  • Embrace this exciting race in real-time, and enter the world of a professional racecar driver!

VR Maze

  • VR Maze introduces Ubisoft’s Rabbids and Minotaur’s Maze for adventures within an environment that merges the virtual world with reality. Although highly immersive, the gameplay does not cause motion sickness.
  • Prepare to be dropped into a terrifying virtual reality that will leave your heart racing for more!


  • Unveil the secrets of Saturn.
  • Cross the edge into a new world, and challenge the frozen landscapes of Saturn with your crew! Ringwalker is a multiplayer adventure for 1-3 players, set in space in a future time.
  • The experience brings you into a beautiful and exciting story that takes unexpected twists and turns as it inspires knowledge and awareness of our universe.

Space Warrior

  • Space Warrior is a full experience walking attraction which will bring you to the virtual world.
  • Receive the rescue signal from the mining station on Mars, and the special forces are dispatched to fight against unidentified enemies and zombies.

Infinite Fire

  • Infinite Fire is a state of the art quality Fast-paced sci-fi VR Shooter game.
  • Infinite Fire delivers hyper-realistic user experience with a highly sensitive haptic response and virtual design.
  • You can play various strategic battles with various weapons in this game.

Jousting Time

  • Fight for fame and glory in the arena! Learn to read your opponent's moves to hit the right spot and dodge incoming attacks in order to decapitate your opponent and win!


  • Step inside history as you fight for honour in a desperate attempt to protect the Holy Grail.
  • You are a Knight Templar and the last line of defence protecting the most precious of treasures while the Port of Acre is besieges on all sides.
  • With your sword in one hand and shield in the other, do you have the courage to stand and fight in the face of insurmountable odds.


  • In this thrilling, cooperative, multiplayer VR experience, you and friends will board The Raft and defend the swamp against an infestation of supernatural creeps.
  • Venture deep into the heart of the swamp, select weapons and employ tactics to combat your outer-worldly adversaries.
  • With enemies emerging from the shoreline, the water, and the sky, it’ll take all four players to make it through the swamp safely.